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How To Send InMail on LinkedIn? Depth Analysis 2024

When the need arises to connect with individuals beyond your current network, send InMail on LinkedIn is a highly effective method. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of sending LinkedIn InMail, exploring its potential and offering valuable insights for optimizing your outreach strategy.

what is linkedin inmail

What is LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn InMail, an exclusive feature for premium members, enables direct messaging to any LinkedIn user, irrespective of your current connections. Whether you are a B2B sales professional targeting decision-makers or a job seeker reaching out to recruiters, InMails provide a direct channel. It’s crucial to note that the number of InMails varies based on your premium plan, emphasizing the importance of strategic usage.

The Rule Of Send InMail On LinkedIn

Recipients who can receive InMails

LinkedIn Premium users with publicly accessible profiles.

Who can send InMail On LinkedIn
  1. All LinkedIn users can send InMails to LinkedIn Premium users with publicly accessible profiles
  2. Linkedin Premium users can send InMails to anyone
How many LinkedIn InMails credits do I get per month?
  1. LinkedIn Premium Careers and Premium Business, Sales Navigator Core, and Recruiter have 800 free InMails by default, whereas Recruiter Lite has 100 free InMail credits. The designated credits are available as you upgrade your basic LinkedIn account to any LinkedIn premium subscription.
  2. There’s no way to check the number of free InMail credits you have left for any LinkedIn premium subscription.  
How many LinkedIn InMails credits of LinkedIn regular users (non-Premium users) per day?

Approximately 100 times, And only send to LinkedIn Premium users with open profiles(Attention: this is a dual condition)

Maximum character limit for InMails

InMails support a maximum of approximately 8000 characters.

Supplementary instruction
  1. Sent records of InMails can be viewed in the LinkedIn messaging window.
  2. If the target user does not respond to a previous InMail, additional InMails cannot be sent to them.

Maximizing InMail Potential

LinkedIn offers a unique incentive by providing an InMail credit if your recipient responds within 90 days, showcasing the platform’s confidence in the effectiveness of InMails. Even in cases where a response may not occur, high open rates (85%) and click-through rates (5%) suggest that InMails leave a lasting impression.

Distinguishing InMail from Regular Messages

Unlike standard LinkedIn messages limited to connections, InMails are prominently labeled, signaling that they are paid messages. While this transparency discourages spam suspicions, it also communicates a clear intent from the sender.

Automated Send InMails on LinkedIn

Since regular users have a daily limit of 100 InMail sends, is there a tool that can automatically help me send InMail on LinkedIn to qualified individuals?

Absolutely! NexusIn has the capability to automatically send a large number of Linked InMails and supports customizing the InMail content. It can send hundreds of InMail messages for you every day. Don’t you want to try it?

Crafting an Effective LinkedIn InMail

1. Embrace Conciseness

With a character limit of 8000 for the body and 200 for the subject, brevity is key. Shorter InMails (under 100 words) boast a 50% higher response rate, highlighting the importance of delivering a succinct and impactful message.

2. Personalization Matters

Personalized subject lines alone boost open rates by 26%. Studies reveal that 48% of B2B decision-makers require personalized InMails for consideration. LinkedIn itself acknowledges a 20% higher success rate for personalized messages.

3. Articulate Your Purpose

Clearly articulate why you’re reaching out. Whether it’s conveying job opportunities, exploring business collaboration, or seeking a client, clarity enhances the chances of a positive response.

4. Leverage Common Associations

Mentioning mutual connections or shared groups significantly increases response rates. Utilize any common ground to establish a connection, fostering a sense of familiarity.

5. Invoke WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

Regardless of the nature of your message, convey the value for the recipient. Even if not a direct sales pitch, emphasize the benefits of engaging with your message.

Sponsored InMail: An Alternative Approach

Sponsored InMails, part of LinkedIn Ads, provide a scalable option beyond premium accounts. While lacking the granularity of target selection, sponsored messages boast a 57.5% open rate and 3.6% clickthrough rate, surpassing traditional email marketing.

Cold Outreach and LinkedIn Data

Beyond premium features, cold outreach involves leveraging LinkedIn data for targeted email campaigns. While controversial, it remains a legal option, offering an alternative for those exploring unconventional methods.

Best Practices and Limitations

1. Pricing and Monthly Limits

Despite its efficacy, InMail comes at a cost, with monthly limits varying based on premium plans. This limits its feasibility for mass outreach, emphasizing the need for strategic targeting.

2. Response Guarantees and Drawbacks

While InMail credits are refunded for responses within 90 days, there are no guarantees of engagement. High costs, monthly limits, and potential spam folder placements pose challenges that users must navigate.

Writing a Compelling LinkedIn InMail

1. Keep It Brief:
LinkedIn recommends keeping InMails under 1000 words. Conciseness aids readability and increases the likelihood of a positive response.

2. Personalization is Key:
Avoid generic templates. Tailor each message to the recipient, showcasing genuine interest and increasing the chances of engagement.

3. Craft an Engaging Subject Line:
Just like email subject lines, InMail subject lines should be compelling. Capture attention and entice the recipient to open your message.

4. Maintain an Updated Profile:
Your InMail is an extension of your profile. Ensure accuracy and relevance, as an outdated profile may diminish your credibility.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Lack of Personalization:
Failure to tailor messages reduces the likelihood of a positive response.

2. Neglecting Proofreading:
Typos and grammatical errors can undermine your professionalism. Proofread before hitting send.

3. Overuse of InMails:
Excessive messaging risks being perceived as spam. Strategic targeting is crucial.

4. Failure to Follow Up:
Don’t shy away from follow-ups. They signify genuine interest and commitment to the conversation.


LinkedIn InMail stands as a potent tool for effective communication, bridging gaps and opening doors to new opportunities. Whether through personalized outreach, sponsored messages, or unconventional methods like cold outreach, understanding the nuances and adhering to best practices enhances your chances of success. As you embark on your InMail journey, keep these insights in mind, and may your messages resonate with impact.

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