What Is InMail on LinkedIn?

Ignite Your Sales Pipeline With The Highly Promising Lead Generation

Large Monthly Limits

Every user has a minimum monthly quota of 800 outreach activities

Efficient Outreach

Directly engage with prospects outside your network

High success rate

According to LinkedIn’s official data, the customer response rate is 28%

More Personalized

Support up to 8000 characters to express your purpose.

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What Is InMail On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn InMail is a premium feature on LinkedIn that enables you to send direct messages for free or with payment to users outside your network (2nd and 3rd-degree connections). This sets it apart from standard LinkedIn messages, which are limited to members within your network (1st-degree connections).

4 Questions to Quickly Understand LinkedIn InMail

Who Can Send InMail ?

All LinkedIn members can send free InMails (LinkedIn paid mebmer can send paid InMails).

Who Can Receive InMail ?

LinkedIn members with open profiles (Only LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, or LinkedIn Recruiter can open their profile.)​

How Many InMails Can I Send ?

How To Use LinkedIn InMail ?

Make use of LinkedIn InMails to effectively connect with your important clients. By bypassing network connection limitations, you can directly send messages to the inboxes of your key clients, offering the most direct and efficient approach for client development.

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About LinkedIn InMail Credits

LinkedIn InMail credits are divided into three types: Free InMail, Paid InMail, and Sponsored InMail.

Each LinkedIn member has 800 Free InMail credits per month

Paid InMail credits are only available to LinkedIn Premium users (paid members), and the number of Paid InMail credits varies depending on the type of Premium membership

Sponsored InMail is a paid advertising service provided by LinkedIn that spends a certain amount of money to send InMail directly to a certain type of person

How do I send an InMail on LinkedIn?

how to send an inamail

Navigate to the profile of a LinkedIn member. Sometimes, the Message button will be visible as you land on the member’s profile, and sometimes, you must click "More > Message".​

If the LinkedIn member has their profile set to Open profile status and can receive free InMails, it will say Free message in the bottom right corner.​

If the LinkedIn member hasn't set their profile to Open status, you'll see your remaining paid InMail credits in the bottom right corner

InMail Automation - Reach More Leads Faster

nexusin linkedin inmail automation
nexusin linkedin inmail automation

Sending a large number of InMails manually can be a tedious and exhausting task.

With NexusIn's InMail automation feature, you can now easily automate mass InMail sending.

This feature supports the use of both free and paid InMail credits, providing you with a streamlined and efficient way to accelerate your customer development process.

Say goodbye to manual work and let NexusIn's automation feature enhance your productivity!