What to Do When Your LinkedIn Account is Restricted?

LinkedIn, the powerhouse of professional networking, can sometimes pose challenges when your account faces restrictions. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the reasons behind a restricted LinkedIn account, the key differences from the infamous LinkedIn jail, and actionable steps to reclaim your professional presence.

What does it mean when your LinkedIn account is restricted?

The ominous message greeting you upon login, signaling a restricted LinkedIn account, is a consequence of inadvertently breaching LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies. Whether intentional or not, this limitation inhibits your ability to engage fully with the platform.

In some instances, the restriction is temporary, with an indicated end date. For more severe cases, reaching out to LinkedIn support becomes imperative. However, fear not – the possibility of reclaiming your LinkedIn account still exists.

LinkedIn account is restricted

Differentiating between LinkedIn Account Restriction and LinkedIn Jail

Unlike a temporary account restriction that can be resolved through a four-step process, LinkedIn jail is a graver scenario resulting in a permanent ban or an endless loop of reviews. Typically, this situation arises after repeated instances of account restriction.

Indicators of permanent LinkedIn jail include receiving a final account restriction notice from LinkedIn support or prolonged silence after multiple restrictions. While permanent LinkedIn jail is rare, it underscores the importance of vigilance, especially for those engaged in LinkedIn lead generation activities.

Why is my LinkedIn account restricted?

Understanding the root causes of LinkedIn account restrictions is crucial to avoiding such pitfalls. Let’s explore the eight common reasons:

1. Creating an Account with a False Name or Violating User Agreement

Creating a profile using a company name or entity violates LinkedIn’s terms. Consider creating a dedicated company page for representation.

2. Creating Multiple Profiles from the Same Device

LinkedIn prohibits having multiple real profiles from a single device, especially if one account is restricted.

3. Publishing Spammy or Inappropriate Content

Violating Professional Community Policies through inappropriate content can result in temporary or permanent account restrictions.

4. Sending Too Many Connection Requests

Excessive connection requests can lead to account restrictions, with a weekly limit usually ranging between 100 and 200.

LinkedIn Account is Restricted

5. Low Acceptance Rate

Blank or non-personalized requests to 3rd-degree connections can be flagged as suspicious, resulting in account restrictions.

6. Pending, Ignored, or “I Don’t Know This Person” Invitations

Leaving requests pending or ignored, coupled with the “I don’t know this person” option, may trigger restrictions.

Why is my LinkedIn account restricted

7. Viewing Too Many Profiles in a Short Period

Excessive profile views, especially in a short timeframe, may be perceived as bot-like activity, leading to account restrictions.

8. Using Unsafe LinkedIn Automation Tools

Some automation tools violate LinkedIn guidelines, causing restrictions. Choosing the right tool is crucial for maintaining account health.

4 proven steps to regain access to your LinkedIn account

Understanding the Restriction

The first and foremost step in regaining access to your LinkedIn account is understanding why it happened. LinkedIn often restricts accounts without providing detailed explanations. To decipher the cause, refer to the platform’s Terms and Conditions and User Agreement. This transparency is essential in formulating an effective recovery strategy.

Follow the Instructions

Upon account restriction, LinkedIn may prompt you to verify your identity by uploading images of your ID. While this process can take up to 48 hours, patience is key. However, if there’s no option for identity verification or your appeal is pending for an extended period, consider reaching out to LinkedIn Customer Support directly. Include reasons for account recovery, an acknowledgment of any violation, and assurance that it won’t recur.

Why is my LinkedIn account restricted

Contact LinkedIn Customer Support

For unresolved restrictions, contacting LinkedIn Customer Support is crucial. Utilize platforms like Twitter or the official contact form. When appealing, provide reasons for account recovery, admit any mistakes made, and clarify if LinkedIn wrongly banned your account. Assure support that measures are in place to prevent future violations.

how to contact linkedin customer service

Leverage Your Network

Seek support from your LinkedIn connections by raising a query on your behalf. A united front from your network can expedite the recovery process. Utilize the power of your connections to reinforce the legitimacy of your account.

Dos and Don’ts for Account Security

If you’ve successfully recovered your LinkedIn account, it’s essential to adopt practices that mitigate the risk of future restrictions. Here are six dos and don’ts to maintain a secure and compliant presence on the platform:

  1. Know Your Limits:
    LinkedIn imposes daily interaction limits based on your account type. Stay within the recommended limits for profile visits, follows, connection requests, and messages to ensure the safety of your profile.

Here are the limits that turned out to be the safest if you’ve been using LinkedIn for some time: 

  • Profile visits: 80-120 per day
  • Follows: 80-120 per day
  • Connection requests: 40-60 per day
  • Sending messages: 60-100 per day
  • Sending InMails: 30-100 per day
  1. Manage Pending Requests:
    Keep pending invitation requests within a reasonable range and withdraw older ones. Consider using tools like NexusIn to automate this process efficiently.
  2. Warm Up Your Account:
    If your account is relatively new or has faced restrictions, gradually increase your activity levels. Sending connection invites or messages in moderation and spacing out actions can prevent suspicion.
  3. Personalize Your Messages:
    When connecting with others, always include personalized messages. This genuine approach fosters authentic connections and avoids the perception of spam.
  4. Build Relationships Before Selling:
    Avoid immediate sales pitches after connecting. Focus on building relationships by providing value through updates, articles, and personalized messages.
  5. Choose the Right Automation Tool:
    If automation is part of your strategy, choose LinkedIn automation tools wisely. Evaluate extensions, browser-based tools, and desktop apps, considering factors like dedicated IP, background operation, and code injection risks.

How to use LinkedIn automation tool carefree?

Taking into account the security and functionalities of your account, we previously explained why NexusIn is an ideal option for expanding your reach automatically. Therefore, if you aim to engage with a larger audience each week, here’s how NexusIn can assist you in achieving that goal.

The key is to utilize both complimentary and premium LinkedIn InMails and emails to diversify your outreach efforts and establish connections with more individuals effectively. What’s particularly advantageous about these approaches is that they eliminate the risk of having your LinkedIn account restricted. Furthermore, LinkedIn will appreciate your utilization of their premium InMails.


Recovering a restricted LinkedIn account requires a strategic approach and adherence to best practices. By understanding the reasons behind restrictions, following platform instructions, leveraging customer support, and implementing post-recovery dos and don’ts, you can navigate the challenges and maintain a secure and effective presence on LinkedIn.